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This section is being developed to address different issues and events that you might need help with right away.

If the person has already taken action (attempted suicide) or if they are in immediate danger, call '911' immediately.

If you or someone else in the area is in immediate danger, call '911' immediately.

Dealing with suicide issues, physical abuse/danger or other crisis situations (panic attacks etc)

If you have a concern that you or your loved one is thinking of suicide/acting on it, go to Crisis Lines for phone numbers to call.

Local Hospital Numbers

Emergency Rooms:
          •  Stevens Point - 715-346-5100
          •  Wausau 
                  -Aspirus - 715-847-2121
                  -St. Clare's - 715-393-3000
          •  Wisconsin Rapids - 715-423-6060


Inpatient Mental Health Units
          •  Norwood (Marshfield) 
                  -In Wisconsin Rapids - 715-421-2345
                  -In Marshfield - 715-384-5555
          •  St. Michael's Hospital (Stevens Point) -

What should I do now? What do I say/do?

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Other topics to be addressed in this section
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    »  Calling 911- what to say
    »  What to do when panic attacks occur
    »  What is a crisis?
    »  My loved one has been arrested - help. Who do I call?
    »  Emergency detention - what does it mean
    »  What are the options other than inpatient when things are still not settled

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